Elsabe van der Colff‘s Portfolio Page

Hi and welcome to my Portfolio Page! Here you will learn a bit more about me and how I started out and where I am now.

Feel free to browse around to see my work in my Design or Illustration section, or read more about my work in music and production assistance in my “About Me” Page:


My latest creation happens to be a work of my own… KraftiBee stems from my brand name KraftiMama that started out as a crafts blog for kids and ended up in a new range of products and a safe haven to new businesses starting out.

I design a whole new look from logos to business cards to Social media Banners and content. I design your WordPress website and even do tutorials on basic site maintenance so you can work on your updates in your own time and space.

To read more about it, go to my About Me page or go ahead and have a look at more of my designs on my Design Page:


Since I started designing Alphabet printables for preschoolers, I started getting really interested in illustrations. It wasn’t until lockdown that I really started getting into it.

I now draw cartoon characters for your family on any character you want. Contact me for more info!

Have a look at some more of my illustrations on my illustration page: